Disrupting the Insurance Marketplace

CASE STUDY: Building the UnitedHealthcare Small Business Portal

UnitedHealthcare (UHC) aimed to revolutionize the way small business health insurance is obtained by creating an innovative online marketplace. With the help of Hoverstate, they successfully disrupted the healthcare industry by developing a cutting-edge healthcare shopping portal. This platform not only simplifies the process of acquiring group health insurance, but also provides customers with real-time and accurate quoting.

Through extensive market research, focus groups, and user testing, Hoverstate built a strong business case for the platform. As a result, UHC now has the ability to utilize technology solutions that streamline the workflows of the various teams supporting the small business store on UHC.

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  • Lorenzo Francalanci

    The first part of our engagement was focused on market research, in-person focus group, user testing, and ultimately using this information to build a business case for creating this platform.

    — Lorenzo Francalanci, Chief Operating Officer


  • Jesse-Cooke

    Easily, what makes me the most proud is the virtual assistant. We solved a real problem for the users.

    — Jesse Cooke, VP of Design Experience