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Turn Raw Data into Data-Driven Insights with Snowflake

Modernize and transform your critical business data

What is Snowflake?

Simply put, Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing platform that allows businesses to securely store, manage, integrate, and analyze large amounts of data.

How Snowflake Benefits Your Business

Scale up or down as your data needs change
Features include encryption, user access controls, and data governance
Cost Effective
Only pay for the amount of data you store and process with the pay-as-you-go pricing model
Faster data processing, querying and caching, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions faster.
Enables teams to collaborate on data analysis in real-time

How We Help

Snowflake Select Partner

As a Snowflake consulting partner, we can help you build sustainable, modern data solutions using Snowflake. Our Snowflake implementation services include design, preparation, re-platforming, and performance optimization so you can ensure you’re set up for long-term growth and value.

Create the Snowflake architecture
Let us help you take advantage of your data. We’ll load your data properly into the new environment to get it ready for querying, reporting, visualizing and sharing.

Security and Governance
We’ll help you get the most from Snowflake Secure Data Rooms so you can share your data securely and know who is accessing it.

Machine Learning
We can super-charge your machine learning efforts by turning your data into knowledge so you can make quick data-driven decisions.

Let us plan your Snowflake journey with our migration services and managed services which includes ongoing security and maintenance support post-implementation. 

Why Hoverstate

Unique blend of technology, design, business and user behavioral expertise

Experience dealing with highly secure and highly regulated applications and data

Full service approach assisting our clients transition into the modern, consumer-centric era

Unbridled spirit of innovation

Industry expertise

With over a decade of expertise in healthcare and life sciences, Hoverstate is well-versed in handling secure and regulated data.

We've implemented a range of products and applications for:

  • Large payers
  • Big pharma
  • Healthcare audits
  • Fraud/waste/abuse and care management companies

With a team of 15+ full-stack and data science developers, we deliver innovative solutions that exceed expectations. We're excited to incorporate and leverage Snowflake's unique strengths to solve problems in the healthcare data cloud.

Let us show you how Snowflake can transform your business

If your company is looking for a scalable, flexible, and easy-to-use data warehousing platform, Snowflake may be the right choice.  Let's chat today about your the current state of your data and goals and we'll put together a free Snowflake value assessment.