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Training doesn’t have to be dull. We’ve got proof!

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It doesn’t work unless he gets a treat…

Do you remember what they said about this during that training last month? No. Of course not! No matter how many engaging fonts and underlines you use in your Powerpoint presentation, the stuff just doesn’t stick without reinforcement. But reinforcement demands engagement and our Reinforcement Application does just that.

Level-up your training and score better results.

Challenging questions and a healthy dose of playfulness create engagement. Motivation to learn is created through a sense of competition and fun. Retention and reinforcement happens every step of the way. It’s like sneaking vegetables into your kid’s food. Even if they don’t know it, they’re benefitting from it.

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  • Highly customizable platform allows for embedding training materials for easy download and access, including audio, video, and other content types.
  • Web-based online platform that is easily accessible from desktop and tablet devices.
  • Team scoreboards, timed responses and other gamification elements encourage a friendly spirit of competition and recognition for your users.

Translation: it makes it fun.


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