Small Business Healthcare Quoting


Project Type
  • CSS
  • Custom CMS
  • HTML5
  • Javascript
  • Creative Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Quality Assurance
  • User Experience Design

We revolutionized how small businesses shop for health insurance. It’s as exciting as it sounds. Really.


Every project has to start somewhere.

When we first sat down with the team at UnitedHealthcare, they knew they wanted to better reach potential new clients and support their broker partners. Their end goal was to create a way for business owners and brokers to collaborate and find the best benefits packages quickly and easily.

UX & Strategy Teams Engage!

Throughout the discovery process we did a ton of research, competitive analysis and strategizing. We worked closely with the client to reveal the hidden gems of their business and more clearly understand who their potential customers were. We sussed out their competitive advantages. We also took really thorough notes.

We created solutions that make things nice and easy. 


Data-Driven Plan Recommendations

A first in the industry, our web application takes statistical data from the largest portfolio of health insurance members in the United States to dynamically generate recommendations for users based on their location, business type and size.


From “hello” to quote in 90 seconds.

By creating multiple paths to completion, we have cut the basic quoting process down to as little as 90 seconds. For users who are looking for more than just general pricing, the easy-to-use system allows them to enter everything they need to get an accurate quote quickly and easily.


Oh that census.

Anyone working in health insurance will tell you that entering a bunch of employee information is a nightmare. By integrating and leveraging existing data sources we streamlined the process.

A proposal with a face that more than just a mother would love.

Our solution generates an interactive online proposal for sharing along with a print and email ready PDF that lays things out clearly and concisely.


The end result?

Data-driven, dynamically generated plan recommendations, an interactive plan shopping experience, live quoting and instant proposals in one slick, responsive interface. That means tablet users like it too.

Now that you've seen an example of our process, let us know how we can apply it to your project.