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Clockwork Compliance

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Making Health Plan Management Systems compliant through simplicity and accountability.

The cost of non-compliance

Compliance can be complex to manage and non-compliance can result in millions of dollars in penalties and lost revenue. Compliance managers needed a simple and transparent system to ensure their departments had easy-to-understand action items for staying compliant. We designed and developed a secure, cloud-based compliance management service, integrating expert CMS HPMS memo analysis and action planning out of the box.

Clockwork Compliance
Security in the Cloud

Always available and always secure

Our fully hosted solution runs on the ultra-secure Pega Cloud. As a result, set up is easy and there are no hardware costs involved.


Clarity is the key

Total transparency ensures accountability and traceability. Compliance managers can view all HPMS-issued memos, track the progress of action items, and send reminders if needed. We made it effortless to keep a record of all actions and memos for the purpose of status reports to executive management and boards


Automatic task assignments, notifications, and reminders

We removed the burden from compliance officers by providing concise action items and automatically notifying the departments responsible for them. Designated department users will only receive action items that apply to them, allowing each team to focus on their own deliverables.


We partner with Pega Systems, an industry leader in secure process automation software, and we’re proud that our product’s security and regulatory certifications include HIPAA, PCI DSS, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and SOC 2. This level of security on the cloud means that your organization doesn’t need to invest in any additional hardware or personnel to get the best in compliance.

Clockwork Compliance

An invaluable level of simplicity and security

Compliance officers, operations, and internal auditors saved hundreds of hours of poring over HPMS memos annually while our cloud-based solution took care of task delegation, record keeping and email notifications. Even more important, exposure to the risk of expensive consequences of non-compliance was reduced drastically.

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