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We reinvented a renewals system focusing on customer experience and reduced costs

Performance under pressure

In the spring of 2014, the ACA requirements changed to allow small businesses to keep their existing plans. Our client’s existing renewal system wasn’t flexible enough to support this and looked to us for help. And with enrollment season just a few months away…

The clock was ticking.



From lemons to lemonade

We fundamentally reworked their renewal process, and by doing so, reduced the time, manpower, cost and computing requirements. The system also resulted in far greater flexibility, so that changes to the ACA could be managed more effectively.

Everything goes where it’s supposed to…

Our automation solution routed renewal submissions to proper internal queues: sales, contract production, membership, and a few other departments. To keep things moving along nicely, we also created custom reports and queues to help the Operations team keep an eye on things.

Streamlined and efficient

We streamlined the user experience, allowing groups to quickly choose to keep an existing plan, or offered them choices to make a change. We also upgraded the renewals process and took it online. Changes to rate sheets, subgroups, and plan options could be made in real-time by business owners and brokers.

PDF generation

 Integration with print vendor

Digital signature technology

How did we do?

The results speak for themselves.

Over 1,700 groups completed their 2015 renewal online. In 2016, this nearly doubled to 3,600 groups.

Our effort contributed to support for strategic business objectives and offered continued growth in SMB segment.

Workflow automation significantly reduced processing time for renewals, cutting estimated time from 14 days to 3.


Pega + Hoverstate

If you care about privacy and compliance, you probably know about Pega. We specialize in creating custom front end experiences for Pega web applications that make the system user friendly, look great and leverage all the power that Pega has to offer.

It’s the best of both worlds and it translates directly into ROI.

About Pega

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