Employee Profile Explorer


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Helping employers understand the employee health plan selection process.

Employers were getting stuck…

They felt that they didn’t understand the plan selection process and lacked confidence that they could choose coverage that would fit all of their employees’ needs. As a result, they were dropping out of the process. We decided to help them by introducing them to the concepts involved by applying them to their own employees.

Complex concepts… simplified!

We looked at a wide range of employee data and distilled what we found into three common profiles that could be used to better understand employee motivations and gain insight to their insurance needs.

Employee Profiles

A little data goes a long way.

By providing just the right amount of information, employers were able to easily relate to each of the employee profiles and what drives their decisions when it comes to health care coverage.

UHC Employee Profile Explorer

Bringing it home.

Employers could then view their employees mapped to these common profiles for a quick snapshot of their company’s overall health insurance needs. These visualizations were achieved by applying proprietary algorithms to the employee census data uploaded by the employer.

UHC Employee Profile Explorer

Plans that fit.

We took things one step further by using additional algorithms to display the health plans that aligned with the needs of each employee type, providing assurance that all of their employees would have access to coverage that fit.

UHC Employee Profile Explorer: Plans

Back on track!

Our method of explaining these concepts clicked with employers and helped them get up to speed in minutes. And being able to easily see the plans that fit their employees’ needs increased confidence that they were purchasing an insurance package that would provide the right coverage for everyone, which translated into an increase in conversions!

Now that you've seen an example of our process, let us know how we can apply it to your project.