Employee Plan Advisor


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Helping employees find the right plan based on their individual needs.

Sometimes, the best choice is not having to choose at all.

Our reporting and analytics found that one of the primary drop-off points for employers in signing up for health insurance was plan selection. Faced with the tasks of researching and choosing a plan that provided a balance for all employees was time-consuming at best.

A better solution? Offer all available plans and let each employees select the plan that works best for them.

UHC - Employee Plan Advisor - Plans

Perfect fit coverage in minutes.

We built an application with a singular purpose—to help employees find the plan that meets their individual needs in a matter of minutes. By answering a few questions, the employee is presented with a plan recommendation that’s best suited to them. And if they really want to sift through all of the plans, we provided them some tools for that as well.

UHC Employee Plan Advisor

Employee Plan Advisor - Results

Ready to (en)roll!

The employee’s plan selections are complete and they’re ready for enrollment! And because they were guided through the process, they can feel confident that the plan they selected will work for them.

Now that you've seen an example of our process, let us know how we can apply it to your project.