Pega’s Covid-19 Employee Safety and Business Continuity App

Let us help you keep your business moving, and your employees safe.

Better understand who is available to work and help determine when infected–or at-risk–staff can return.

Let Hoverstate implement this free Pega app to help you track the spread of COVID-19 among employees, generate required reporting for state and local agencies, and maintain business continuity in the face of the global pandemic – all without paper.

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Here’s what it does

Keeping you apprised of your workforce’s status and capacity.

The Pega app comes with pre-built automated workflows that drive customizable actions such as:

  • Analyzing employees’ risk levels (high, medium, or low) based on screening questions
  • Sending tailored instructions to the affected employee based on their risk level
  • Alerting applicable managers and HR on newly-assessed employees
  • Generating checklists for HR managers with actions for affected employees
  • Estimating the likely return-to-work date for employees
  • Sending employees periodic reminders to update their COVID-19 health status to help ensure the most up-to-date data and staff availability

Creating efficiencies by ditching the paper.

The backbone of the solution is a Pega application that manags nurses, doctors, and various healthcare workers to assess their risk and availability in times of crisis. It has been retrofit to work for any business, any industry, out-of-the-box with no custom configuration.

We’re pleased to be able to offer our clients a system that can actually improve business processes during a crisis by:

  • Digitizing and automating, where possible, existing adhoc or manual processes that may have been put in place in response to the pandemic.
  • Reporting and Insights not only for management but also making it easier to quickly report accurate information to health agencies.

Need some help implementing? Get in touch! We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and see if this application is right for you.

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If your team is prepared to support and install without help, you can download the app for yourself. If you find you need assistance just let us know.