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Hoverstate, a Pega Ventures funded company and managed partner, announces attendance of Pegaworld 2019.


Stop by Booth 27 to learn more about how we can help you solve business problems through design thinking, rapid prototyping, and our long history of creating intelligent, captivating user experiences using Pega!

LOS ANGELES, Ca. — May 16, 2019 — Hoverstate is a unique Pega partner. Not only are we a fully-staffed Pega development shop–and a Pega Ventures partner–we’re also a leader in digital innovation with decades of experience. We are bringing our unique take on Pega to Pegaworld 2019 at booth 27 with the support of our Pega allies.

“Pegaworld offers us the opportunity to meet Pega team members in person, and to be introduced to their clients. It’s a wonderful, and fun event which allows us to showcase our passion for innovation and outstanding user experiences using Pega. We love to talk Pega, and share our work. I’ll look forward to my time at booth 27 this year!” says Kyung Ahn, Managing Partner and Chief Innovation Officer.

Our dedication and partnership with Pega runs very deep. Hoverstate, in partnership with the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance, has also opened a Pega Innovation Hub in Lubbock, Texas which houses our onshore Pega development team, several LSAs, a mentorship program, and flexible workspace available for Pega developers from anywhere. We are creating a hotbed of Pega collaboration and innovation smack dab in the middle of Texas!

Stop by and learn how we can partner to create POCs that close sales, engage in a design thinking / problem solving workshop, or help improve user experience for your company or your clients.

We’ll look forward to seeing you at Booth 27!

About Hoverstate

We are a digital design and development partner with offices in Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle, Lubbock, Lehi, and Italy. Since 2008, Hoverstate has counted world-renowned health insurance and life sciences companies among our roster of clients as well as automakers, consumer electronics companies, and more. We are committed to being an outstanding Pega partner and bring a focus on user experience to our Pega practice thanks to over a decade of traditional web and application development for both B2C and B2B audiences.

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