Create Captivating User Experiences for Your Pega Applications

Upgrade your existing apps for a modern user experience using Constellation or React.

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Delivering a modern, intuitive, user-centric interface is challenging, no matter the platform or framework. Using our proprietary process, Hoverstate can design a beautiful, powerful, and modern User Experience that will delight your customers and improve performance across your enterprise. 

Why You Should Upgrade

A Pega UI modernization project may seem daunting, but there are many benefits to modernizing your user experience.  Our Pega experts can help you take full advantage of new features and capabilities to make your applications look truly amazing.

Best Practices for Compelling UX

Why You Should Upgrade

Happier users
Fewer input errors
Better brand impression
Less friction = greater efficiency
Seamless integration with other enterprise applications
Easy maintenance

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Why Use Hoverstate

Don't trust just anyone with your critical Pega applications. Hoverstate has an endorsed partnership with Pega for UI/UX modernization projects.

Hoverstate has the experience that few or no others have in the Pega ecosystem in creating compelling user experiences.

Hoverstate has a proprietary process for re-designing and modernizing Pega applications.

Unlike other Pega System Integrators, Hoverstate has a dedicated UI/UX design team trained to develop user-friendly Pega applications.

Hoverstate has an endorsement from our partnership with Pega for UI/UX modernization projects.

See For Yourself

Dashboard - before UI modernization
Dashboard - after UI modernization

The Technology


The new architecture of Pega's UI technology includes a new client-side engine to orchestrate Pega Platform application logic and data with any front-end design system.

Cosmos React

This realization of Cosmos is an open-source, front-end framework that offers improvements in out-of-the-box accessibility compliance, including compatibility with screen readers, localization, and more.


DX API allows developers to build custom and consistent front-end experiences for Pega applications without coding business logic into each and every channel.

A true Single Page Application (SPA) architecture, Constellation with Cosmos React offers exceptional performance, including:


Faster interactions


Smaller network payload


Faster initial server response time


Fewer requests on first load

What Our Clients Say


"The solution provided by Hoverstate is intuitive, clean, easy to support and most importantly appreciated by internal users, and valued by our customers."