Innovation, Y’all

Lubbock, Texas. Home to innovators, pioneers and Hoverstate.

The Hub City

Our sleek new Innovation Hub is open for business in the Lone Star State. We’re bringing our world-class AI-powered, rootin’, tootin’ customer experience services and imparting our expertise with a friendly ya’ll.

Tech Powered

Lubbock is booming with skilled individuals and passionate thinkers largely in part to Texas Tech University.

Hoverstate’s Innovation Hub prepares the next generation of program managers, computer scientists, engineers and visionaries as they enter the workforce. Check out our internship program partnership with the Texas Tech College of Engineering.

Proving Grounds

Gain the skills you need and become a master systems architect. Whether you’re a student just getting started or a professional ready to take the next step, the Innovation Hub can open up new opportunities and expand your skillset.

Potential As Big As Texas

Lubbock and the Hoverstate Innovation Hub are a natural fit and we’ve already become a part of the bustling Lubbock business landscape. As the demand for AI-powered customer service platforms increase, our presence will only continue to grow.

We came for the Tech and the traditions, and we’re staying to leave our mark on this historic city.

Join our team!

Want to work at our Lubbock Innovation Hub? Check our job openings, see if there’s a fit for you.