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XD is the Rx the Healthcare Industry Needs

There’s a lot ailing the healthcare industry.

While everyone has a possible solution to the most pressing problems, we believe that sometimes the conversation misses the trees through the forest. As we think about ways to make healthcare better, we need to be sure to put experience above everything else. After all, at the end of the day, healthcare is a human industry, perhaps more so than any other.

UX is Ubiquitous

Experience design is paramount because everything else at this point should be second nature. When you pick up a smartphone, you expect it to work. Gone are the days of poking around emerging tech, uncertain about what does what exactly.

There’s no mysterious black box a la 2001: A Space Odyssey. The mystery, by and large, has been solved, and that’s a good thing.

The prevalence of technology has made the job of a designer both easier and tougher. At one point, creating a navigation system that helps users get from point A to point B, slapping a dropdown nav, skin it so that it looks good, and then pour yourself a drink and call it a day.

The designers of today have a better understanding of what users want that goes beyond UX and UI; they design experiences.

Users now have a relatively deep understanding of how technology should (read: expect) behave. Designers know what needs to be done to meet these expectations. The questions that Hoverstate wants to focus on are how and why.

Experience is Everything

With best practices of UI and UX defined, a designer can move onto the unknown.

Experience design (XD) varies from industry to industry and company to company because it’s not a statement like UI and UX; XD involves an ongoing investigation and demands new answers.

Whereas a UX and UI designer might involve meeting with a client a few times, XD requires a complete analysis and immersion into a business to be successful.

If good UX/UI design is like painting a picture, good XD is like getting an MFA, studying under a master, and hanging your finished product up in the MOMA.

When we think about the patient experience, it must be designed a way that helps them feel comfortable even though the process of going and seeing a doctor makes most of us feel uncomfortable.

Experience design takes center stage

Companies who have focused on experience design are some of the biggest, most influential players out there. People with names like Jobs and Bezos have championed it, you may have heard of them.

Before Amazon, the idea of two-day shipping on normal purchases was a fantasy. Jeff Bezos believed and believes that the customer comes first, no matter what. He structured his whole business on bending over backwards to make sure that your 5-pack of t-shirts and squeaky toy make it to your doorstep faster than anyone else could deliver.

Steve Jobs preached experience design from day one, and it is THE reason why Apple went from a brand to a lifestyle. Today Apple is facing the experiential question of “now that our customers have bought into our identity, how do we keep them interested and coming back again and again?” Who cared about tablets until the iPad? For that matter, who wanted anything more than a Nokia flip phone until the iPhone? Apple isn’t refining experiences; they create entirely new ones that you will want.

At its core, experience design is the thoughtful process behind solving problems with a human-centered approach. Truly any company can implement experience design by listening to customers (read: patients) and ultimately enhance the relationship with the brand.

XD Means Being An Attentive Host

Good experience designers are like the consummate host, always anticipating the needs of his house guests, ready with a bag of chips to fill up the chip bowl before you ever see the bottom.

Great experience designers want to elevate a get-together that surprises and delights the guests. A costume party, a sudden introduction of a karaoke machine, a live band–who knows what solutions your guests want? An amazing host, that’s who. They pick up the mic, sing their hearts out and become a part of the event. They take things to the next level and create experiences that delight.

XD is at Our Core

Hoverstate is built around the idea of experience design. We create transformational experiences everyday. We understand when to implement major features and the accompanying little details that not everyone will notice, but everyone will appreciate. We love this stuff!

And the proof is in the pudding. On average, our clients realize a 10-30% increase in revenue because the solutions we create are experience focused and human driven.

We’re ready to do the same for you. Contact Hoverstate today and learn more about our design process and how we can help your company create new experiences for your customers.

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