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SoftServe and Hoverstate at PegaWorld: Better Together

At this year’s PegaWorld, we introduced the new combination of SoftServe and Hoverstate to the Pega community. We are a classic example of how 1+1 can sometimes equal more than two. And for our part, the demos and drill-downs into Pega GenAI reinforced our conviction that there is no platform better at adapting and changing to our ever evolving business climate than Pega. There’s simply no other platform in the same league when it comes to speed of development and flexibility, and GenAI will extend the distance between Pega and its competitors by orders of magnitude. Watching an English speaker leverage GenAI to create a Turkish language application for processing bank loans in the time it took Pega CTO Don Schuerman to cook an omelet was mighty impressive, to say the least.

On that note, let’s talk a bit about AI and how SoftServe and Hoverstate together have created an organization that’s ideally positioned to create GenAI-enabled Pega applications for the enterprise.


Both traditional and generative AI typically require a robust, high-performance infrastructure to support these intensive workloads. For half a decade, SoftServe has been a premier partner with NVIDIA, the undisputed leader in GPUs, so we have a strong background in the work they’re doing. Along with that hardware expertise, we also have a deep bench of established AI principals. 

Use cases and pre-built models

Of course, the Hoverstate is no slouch when it comes to AI; they, too, had a deep bench before merging with SoftServe. And Hoverstate brings not only a well-deserved reputation for unmatched  Pega application design expertise  — Hoverstate is a longtime Pega Venture Partner — but also extensive industry domain experience in healthcare, financial services and manufacturing. In fact, one of our team members is currently designing a Pega application that uses GenAI to predict outcomes in the operating room. 

Together, we have the Pega, AI and industry expertise to design GenAI-powered, flexible, adaptable apps that solve challenging business problems. 

Looking ahead

We’re also very interested in taking advantage of Pega’s developing process mining capabilities. SoftServe already has a very strong and capable digital twin practice, where we build a digital landscape and simulate its process to simulate different scenarios. 

Pega’s process modeling tool is inwardly focused, looking at business processes coded inside a Pega system. At SoftServe, we can extend this capability to look beyond the Pega box to encompass the complete process for the entire enterprise. 

For example, let’s say you’re managing a manufacturing supply chain with lots of customers across steel works all the way to the end of the production line with a car manufacturer. If Pega is only present at one stage, it can’t model the process end-to-end on its own. SoftServe can extend its vision to look across the entire enterprise and find new places and opportunities to inject Pega. 

GenAI is opening a completely new world of possibilities for Pega. And we’re ready to help enterprises take full advantage.

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