Work Smarter, Not Easier

The 50th anniversary of the moon landing got us thinking about how tempting the shortest distance can seem at times. When Apollo 11 launched, NASA...

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Defining Success: Achieving What Matters

There are so many ways to define success. Take, for instance, a 5K run. To the person who has done little more than form a divot on a couch, success...

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Making the NPM Process NBD with Pega – Part 2

This is Part 2 of a two-part series on New Process Management. You can read Part 1 here. Launching a new product or service is hard work. Or at least...

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Making the NPM Process NBD with Pega – Part 1

Product management is a topic that has been talked to death. Still, it’s a process where a lot of companies–both big and small–struggle. Finding the...

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Delicious DevOps

Delicious DevOps: A Strategic, Modern Specialty

When two good things come together to make something great, something truly special is born. Consider for a moment the peanut butter and jelly...

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Creating Pega Partnerships with Customers

If you’ve followed our blog or snooped around on our website at all, you know what a powerful tool Pega is. The thing about tools is that they are...

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AI and Predictive Analytics

AI and Predictive Analytics: I Can Let You Do That, Dave

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, the iconic HAL 9000 managed to instill a fear of artificial intelligence that has lasted through the modern day. And sure,...

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