I Want the Whole World: Beyond Supply Chain Management Digitization

The impossibility of affordable two-day shipping actually used to be a thing. What was once uncanny has become the standard, and customers have come...

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More Than a Friendly Face: How Customer Service Outcomes Improve Business

Every business leader is looking for an edge. How can we sell more sprockets? What do we need to do to expand our market share? These are questions...

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Chatbots vs Customer Service: Man vs. Machine?

Everyone these days is eager to jump into an us vs. them mentality. Clippers vs. Lakers, peanut butter vs. jelly (okay, haven’t heard that one yet,...

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Design Thinking & Design Sprinting: A Dash and a Marathon

Design thinking is a philosophy that revolves around the idea that designers or design, and not just business objectives, should be the key drivers...

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Predictive Healthcare: The Future is Now

One of the recurring bits in Star Trek was the characters’ assessment of 20th-century medicine. They would often call treatments like chemotherapy or...

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Empathy & The User Experience

When you talk to a cancer patient or survivor who had a good experience with their doctor or hospital, that’s an incredible and often surprising...

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When Life Gives You a Pandemic

What better time than now than to spring clean some aspects of your business that have been …mmmm… dare we say “put off for a while?” Clearly the...

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