“Time is a flat circle,” intones Matthew McConaughey in the first season of True Detective. That line became a meme in the months that followed that episode, but it always stuck with us as being absolutely true. Maybe that’s why the show’s called True Detective.

Regardless of naming conventions or old memes, it’s observable that what was old is new again. Whether we’re talking about fashion, music trends, even politics, what happens now is echoing from the past. That’s also true in the fields of marketing and development.

Despite the incredible explosion of technological advances over the last 30 years, one of the oldest concepts in marketing is making a triumphant return: one-to-one (1:1) marketing. The latest advances in AI and machine learning, however, have turned this age-old approach into something amazing.

Persons of Interest

First, let’s explain what the 1:1 approach is. When it comes to sales or marketing, one-to-one can be boiled down to making your customers human again. What we mean is that instead of just seeing sales totals or daily active users on spreadsheets, 1:1 marketing focuses on the individual. Why does that matter? People like being treated like people, it turns out!

Surprise, surprise.

When people are treated like people instead of like numbers, a few things become apparent quickly. For one, people oftentimes want products their way. You see this at restaurants. If you give them pre-bundled combos, for instance, they’ll ask for no cheese, extra meat, etc. In other words, customization.

The other thing customers like? Personalization.

Everyone is different, and because of that, everyone wants to feel different. Paying attention to customers, treating them like individuals, and then using what you know about them to give them personalized attention.

These are the two pillars of 1:1 marketing: personalization and customization.

A Shift in Advertising

One of the reasons why 1:1 marketing gained so much popularity is because advertising shifted drastically from the days of newspaper ads and billboards. Whereas once advertising was something to watch, now it is something that you experience. It is something that comes to you.

The revolution will not be televised; it will pop up in your social media feeds based on your interests.

Because advertising is now an active experience, it only makes sense that it should be personalized and customized to fit your customers. It’s like comparing a plane dragging an ad above a beach to throwing paper airplanes at every person with a message that they are interested in.

Your customers don’t want their time wasted, so if you’re going to reach out to them, it better make an impact fast. How do you accomplish that? By working with developers employing the latest technology.

Impersonally Personal

If personalization and customization don’t sound particularly revolutionary, that’s because they’re not. At least not on their own. These are tactics businesses have used for generations, which should tell you something: they work.

So what makes 1:1 marketing the next big thing in customer relationship management?

Developers like Hoverstate, that’s why!

Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can give our clients the advantages that 1:1 marketing provides but on a scale unimaginable until now.

In other words, we can help you treat every customer personally and give them customizable options. Customers expect you to provide impersonal personal service.

What we mean by this is that customers want you to provide them individualized attention but understand that this doesn’t necessarily mean talking to a real person.

Using cutting edge technology and our Pega partnership, Hoverstate can deploy solutions that will make your customers forget that they’re not actually talking to someone. Imagine a platform for your goods or services that anticipates the needs of your customers and offers it to them before they even go to a menu. That’s the kind of power Hoverstate brings to our customers.

Furthermore, we can create robust backends that will give the insight into your customers necessary to implement 1:1 marketing strategies.

You need to know your customers well. You’re not speed dating them; you’re courting them!

Hoverstate can help design systems that will give you insight into their interests, tastes, and more. With this data, you can build meaningful relationships with your customers–not just a sale for you, but connecting with them to build long-term loyalty and value.

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