Every now and then, Hollywood likes to step back in time and put together a World War II film. And it makes sense: there are big dramatic moments, people coming together to fight an undeniable evil, and America operating at its best. While those elements make for great cinema, the reality of World War II (like most wars) is that it was won because of logistics. American ingenuity at home, putting people to work in factories, making sacrifices for the war effort and retooling the whole economy with the goal of defeating the Nazis–it’s not sexy but it helped secure a win for the Allies just as much as any military action.

If any of that sounds familiar, that’s because we’re basically at war again, but this time we’re not fighting Nazis. We’re fighting a virus, and it’s spread around the world, disrupting supply lines, shutting down manufacturers and spinning the whole world into chaos. Just like in any war, however, the winners are decided by who can put together a plan, figure out their manufacturing needs, and innovate.

Many industries are figuring out how to adjust to life during wartime, which is a way more exciting way of saying “the new normal.” We’ve got plenty of advantages versus 80 years ago, and we have the added benefit of not fighting Nazis! But the greatest tool in our arsenal is undeniably our leaps in information technology, and that’s where Pega can turn the tide in our fight against Covid-19.

Shoring Up Supplies

With so much shut down because of Covid-19, one of the biggest challenges facing businesses is figuring out supply issues. On the consumer side, you’ve probably seen the shortages if you’ve tried to go to Home Depot for a DIY home project. While that’s inconvenient to you as an individual, if companies can’t find the materials they need for production, they’re going to face much more serious consequences than having to postpone a bathroom renovation.

Fortunately, with Pega, supply chains can be updated much more accurately and quicker, allowing companies to see where there are gaps, shortages, and issues and allowing them to make better decisions.

Morale and Health

Obviously, this isn’t a war in a traditional sense, but the risk to health is still high, particularly for certain business sectors. While everyone is doing their best to try and make sure that everyone stays healthy, things are unpredictable and people get sick.

Now more than ever, it’s important to know who is healthy, who is out sick recovering, and who will be unavailable for extended periods of time. And sure, you could use a spreadsheet–for a few employees. But if you’re working some place with dozens if not hundreds of employees, you will lose your mind trying to keep a spreadsheet updated all the time. By using Pega, you’re ensuring that you know not just when to go into production, but if you’re capable of doing so. With Pega, you can coordinate with teams across the world to ensure that you’re complying with local ordinances and regulations.

Coordinating operations is a challenge, but with the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to ensure that everything and everyone is ready to go.

Relieving the Front Lines

The whole point of logistics is to support the people on the front lines, and everyone has come together to help those affected by Covid-19, including banks, mortgage lenders, insurance companies, and student loan servicers to name a few. These are undeniably great efforts to provide financial relief to individuals affected by the pandemic; however, these great deeds have major hurdles to overcome for these institutions.

Enter Pega! With Pega, businesses can enable self-service for customers and help reduce emails and calls. Pega can also help delay interest payments and other concessions in an accurate, reliable way.

Don’t let complicated processes stop you from doing the right thing and help out those in need! Pega can enable you to do what needs to be done and ensure that those who need aid can get it painlessly.

We Can Do It

Everyone faces challenges right now. We can focus on the hardship, or we can come up with solutions. Pega enables and empowers companies and individuals in ways never before dreamed of. So we shall fight Covid on the beaches. We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength. We shall fight it in the halls of industry, in our factories and office spaces, and we will do everything we can to make sure that we come through this healthy and strong. If you’re interested in learning how Pega can help you, contact us today.

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