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How Using Pega Can Boost Your Bottom Line

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably already using or are at least interested in Pega. And if you’re interested in Pega, that’s probably because you’re aware that the platform has a reputation for making it fast and simple to develop powerful business applications. 

If so, you’re right about that. Forrester conducted a study that found Pega delivers 598% ROI with a three-month payback. What you may be surprised to learn, though, is that in Forrester’s analysis, costs from development savings are absolutely eclipsed by productivity savings from end-users. In fact, the savings companies see from increased productivity as a result of the apps that people create using Pega is 25 times that of the development savings!

And that insight – that the bulk of Pega’s value is in the apps – points to other areas where Pega can help grow your business’ bottom line. Because Pega goes well beyond improving the productivity of internal employees. They also improve the customer experience (CX) and enable you to increase the amount of revenue you see from customers. Here’s how:

Improving the CX

Pega has a number of pre-built applications in sales and marketing that enable organizations to provide a consistent, personalized omnichannel CX that rapidly adapts to changing customer expectations and evolving business needs. These apps just scratch the surface, but here’s a sampling of the kind of capabilities Pega provides:

Hoverstate’s CX expertise

But while Pega’s CX capabilities to increase revenue and profits are already powerful, Hoverstate can bring the CX to an even higher level thanks to its dedicated team of CX experts. We don’t assume we know what your customers require from the Pega apps we build for you. Our team asks them, and often we uncover needs that your customers don’t even know they have.

What’s more, we design, test and then iterate to create a CX that’s intuitive and effortless for your customers to ensure there’s zero friction. And because we’re experts in both Pega and CX, we can leverage Pega’s already powerful capabilities to create a truly extraordinary app that your customers will love.

Let us show you Pega like you’ve never seen before. Contact us today.


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