The holiday season is here! If you’re looking for the perfect practical gift, or something a little more edgy and fun for someone who spends most of their day in front of a computer – don’t worry we got your back. Our gift guide helps you delight the innovators and programmers in your life and let them know that you care even if they’re secretly in love with K-pop or collect Russian nesting dolls.

The Basics

aka The Essentials

An adult sippy cup

It’s easy to take for granted the expensive electronics found at your desk until you accidentally spill your morning coffee. If you’ve ever tried cleaning a mechanical keyboard with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip, you know that you want to avoid spills at all costs. A nice, spill-proof mug is invaluable and worth the investment.

A tension easing keyboard wrist rest

If you’re like us, you and your office mates probably spend a lot of time at a keyboard. A keyboard and mouse rest is a nice luxury and can really take tension off your wrists if you find yourself typing a lot of emails or putting in line after line of code.

But if your gift recipient isn’t really into those bulky bumpers, check out this keyboard leveler instead!

A subscription for delicious treats

Whether you’re a snacker or a grazer, it’s important to fuel your body with the right stuff. A subscription service like Nature Box is an easy peasy way to delight someone with the gift of food.

For the kid at heart

A Battle Bots Arena

You get. To build. A miniature. Fighting. Robot.
Then you battle it against another miniature robot. In a miniature arena.
Bears. Beets. Battle Bots Arena.

Fandom Stickers

If you’re not trying to break the bank showing people how much you care about them during the holidays, Fandom stickers are both an economical as well as a thoughtful gift. If they work on laptops or have a tower computer, they can–and almost certainly will–stick it on them.

A nerdy graphic tee

There is always room for one more fun t-shirt in any closet, and there is literally a graphic t-shirt for every nerd you love. Threadless shirts has quite the extensive collection.

A little yellow rubber ducky

There’s a well-known phenomenon among programmers called “rubber duck debugging.” It’s when code isn’t working right and the programmer can’t figure out why, they explain their code line-by-line to a rubber duck. More often than not, the problem becomes clear. It could very well be the most helpful and practical gift for your favorite programmer.

While Amazon offers many yellow duck options to choose from, this giant rubber duck could really deliver some holiday cheer.

For the Practical Programmer

A delightful little plant (real or fake)

Plants help purify the air and even brighten up a workspace. A small succulent or low maintenance plant can be the perfect little reminder to love nature even when we sit inside at a desk all day. Or just get a fake one and get the same effect without the effort!

The gift of musical inspiration

This is a great one for almost anyone, but most programmers and innovators, in particular, thrive on good beats. A Spotify subscription allows them to get straight to the tunes and skip the ads. It doesn’t seem like something that would bother you until you try premium for the first time and never hear ads again.

A work-friendly hand warmer

This one might be a bit out there, but if your office is perpetually cold, or if your coworker is always trying to sneak over to the thermostat, USB-powered heated gloves can be a game-changer. These half gloves with removable finger covers are ideal for typing, and other things. Yay for multitasking!

Tech-y stuff that even Oprah would approve

A sleek multi-device charging pad

Forget plugs, this charging pad is the way to manage the life of devices. Plus it makes a great gift and doesn’t break the bank.

A really good pair of headphones

There are so many headphones to choose from – all with a variety of features. If you’re unsure whether or not your programmer pal would like noise-canceling, wireless, one with a microphone – or all of the above, a gift card is always an option to let them pick a set out themself. But, just to be clear, they want wireless, noise-canceling headphones with a microphone to tune everyone out, get their work done and take calls when they need to.

A smartwatch

This is an especially great gift for someone who programs software and sits at a desk all day. A fitness tracker can alert them to take some breaks, move around, drink water, call mom. You know, the basic things we need to do to survive.

A personal assistant

AI personal assistants like Alexa keep getting better and better. Even if someone already owns an Echo, they can always put another one around the house. Another benefit of the Echo line of products: They’re extremely affordable and budget-friendly.

A pair of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Your eyes are just as important as your hands when it comes to programming. Reduce strain and improve sleep/wake cycles with these sleek (and geeky) blue light blocking glasses.

Or you could try to combine the two above and get your programmer an invitation to Amazon’s exclusive Echo Frames. Just expect to get hate mail from their spouse for offering them even more digital distraction.

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