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Delicious DevOps: A Strategic, Modern Specialty

When two good things come together to make something great, something truly special is born.

Consider for a moment the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We might think of peanut butter and jelly as an American mainstay, but that wasn’t always the case. First came the peanut butter, which actually started out as a medicinal treatment. Then came the jelly, which developed (at least as we know it) near World War I. Putting the two together didn’t occur regularly until World War II, when soldiers wanted to make the peanut butter taste just a little bit better.

Yes, I am hungry, but the history of the PB&J is a great metaphor for the evolution of DevOps. Like a PB&J, the two sides of DevOps developed separately, but now people have started putting them together and magic is happening.

Basically, with DevOps you take the creamy goodness of agile infrastructure and the sweet tang of cross-company collaboration and you get something new and something timeless.

Unlike a PB&J, however, DevOps is new and exciting. In that respect, it’s more like a deconstructed peanut butter treat with a grape reduction, something you’d find at a cutting edge restaurant. It’s something familiar and yet distinct, and I think that you’ll find it’s going to become your new favorite dish.

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