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Defining Success: Achieving What Matters

There are so many ways to define success. Take, for instance, a 5K run. To the person who has done little more than form a divot on a couch, success might mean beginning a training regimen. To a casual runner, success might mean finishing the race. To a more seasoned runner, success means coming first in their age group or maybe even first overall.

Who is the real success in this hypothetical race? The person on their way to the Boston Marathon? Or the person who is making a life change?

In situations like these, we often focus our attention on the overall winner, but none of these other “wins” should be any less discounted. Winning is something that is defined–too often in our opinion–by winners and losers. You can lose the race and still be a winner, and this idea applies to businesses as well.

A project is usually seen as a success–or as a failure. But what if we stopped looking at projects and judging them based on their final outcomes? What if we looked at the project that failed as the step needed to succeed in the long run?

The thing about this metaphor is that it doesn’t take into account the power of Pega. When we add Pega into the mix, suddenly it’s like we’re doing the training montage while winning the race at the same time.

It’s all about measurable goals and success metrics, and with Pega and our team on your side, we can do magical things with them.

Setting Goals to Set Up Success

In our original metaphor, the person who is training for the race has a long way to go before they’re crossing the finish line in the first place. Along the way, they will probably try to do some training, but how do they know that they’re doing the right one? They could, of course, adopt a training regimen, but how do they know which one is right for them?

Thankfully, running a race and running a business are only slightly similar (in that they both can make you sweat and can sometimes be exhausting but ultimately are rewarding). Pega gives you the power to know exactly how you’re progressing by giving you real-time feedback and smart, measurable goals.

As you run your business, Pega can help you identify the metrics that will lead to your overall success. Furthermore, this tracking takes place throughout every step of your business processes. Every time you start or finish a project, Pega gets a new datapoint to evaluate. This way, you know if your minor successes are leading you to the big one.

Of course, all this information doesn’t really matter if you can’t digest it. But you probably figured it out by now that we wouldn’t be talking about all this if it didn’t have you covered. All this information is compiled in an easily presentable format so you can see exactly what kind of progress your team has made and, more importantly, where your current success is taking you.

The Smallest Success

You are going to find success. Almost every business does. The problem is, you might mistake a small success as a sign that you’re moving in the right direction. Pega can help you analyze what’s happening and where you’re going. As the expression goes, not all that glitters is gold–but some of it might be. Pega can help you pan out the important accomplishments so that you really do strike it big.

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