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Ice, Ice, Websites

Thanks largely in part to the wild-fire nature of social media, a bunch of people around the world challenged – and convinced – each other to dump...

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Making your site accessible isn’t optional, it’s the right thing to do.

Who was your website made for? It’s a question that web designers and UX experts contemplate early on, whether building a new website or thinking...

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Ending the Nightmares: How Technology is Improving Compliance for Sleep Disorder Patients

Patients want to get better. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t seek out doctors. And yet patients are often their own worst enemy. The challenge of...

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Sweet Dreams Made from Technology

Breathing machines for sleep apnea. Smartwatches to monitor heart rates. Trackers to measure blood oxygen. White noise machines to calm brain waves....

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Experience Signals: Stop reacting, start being proactive with your customers

History is a great teacher. For instance, history can remind you that you’re not as good of a skier as you think you are–although everyone did get a...

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The Internet of Medical Things

There is no invention that changed the way we consumed information more than the Internet. Then came the Internet of Things (IoT), when we realized...

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