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Accelerated Digital Transformation – Become a Superhero Outfit by Harnessing the Power of Pega

Marvel Comics creates billion-dollar blockbuster after billion-dollar blockbuster. Lest not forget Marvel faced bankruptcy in the mid-90s when comic book popularity hit an all-time low. What saved the day?

Determined not to be left behind, Marvel decided to transform their comic book-based business model into a diverse powerhouse of digital superhero entertainment. The core convictions and beliefs of Marvel didn’t change – rather they changed means of delivering experiences in order to survive.

It also doesn’t hurt that Stan Lee was a national treasure. Change my mind.

Although movies and comics are – to be very honest – way more exciting and fun to talk about, let’s discuss some real-world digital transformation among familiar business models and how Pega as a heroic force is helping companies embrace digital transformation with confidence.


Iron Man is more than a powered exoskeleton, and your business needs more than technology to digitally transform.

Slapping technology on outdated legacy practices isn’t sustainable. It exacerbates what already doesn’t work.

According to Pega, most enterprises weren’t initially designed for the digital world, making digital mastery difficult for businesses to actually achieve.

Pega’s goal is to help organizations transform into better, more modern versions of themselves, by challenging them to focus on the stuff that actually matters:

    1. Developing journeys rather than channels. Develop the path that helps customers better connect with the brand.
    2. Redesigning of end-to-end experiences for both customers and employees, rather than simply automating existing tasks, for example.
    3. Removing boundaries and silos – front office vs. back office, business vs. IT.

Experience is one of the leading drivers of digital transformation. Customers want an integrated, efficient, and intuitive experience. And, well-tuned experience design begins from within. Then we can throw in some cool tech and make it fly.

Pega, Assemble!

Real heroes are measured by their actions and not just words, and accordingly, we’ve done amazing work with Pega and achieved real-world success. One of the best examples we have is our experience with a well known health insurance company.

This company faced a major challenge in 2014, when the Affordable Care Act mandated that small businesses were allowed to keep existing health plans. If you know anything about the healthcare industry, you probably know that sudden change is basically kryptonite.

However, with the power of Pega, we were able to leap into action and save the day.

Process SMASH! Like every good superhero story, it wasn’t an easy task. We started by evaluating their existing processes and found them weak. After a shot of gamma radiation, we hulked out and redid their entire renewal process. Ultimately, this created a better, more efficient system that saved our client time, manpower, and money.

Smarter than JARVIS – The new process that we developed offered a drastically improved end-to-end experience for customers. Now, they were automatically routed as they submitted renewals. This made life simpler for our client, as well. Sales, contract production, membership departments and more all received customers faster than ever, allowing them to wield great power (with great responsibility, of course).

Super Results for a Super Team

The outcome of these changes drastically improved life for our mystery client. The year after we made our changes, they saw more than 1,700 groups complete their renewals online. Even better was that the year after that, that number more than doubled to 3,600 groups.

While those numbers alone are impressive, the client also reported that automation and processing time were vaporized. Before our changes, processing times took about two weeks. Now, it takes them 3 days.

Justice Never Sleeps

Just like the ne’er-do-wells that endlessly torment superheroes, so too does the constant march of innovation forcing everyone to continuously to adapt.

But like any good superhero, we don’t just save the day once. Our solutions can be implemented quickly while still being able to address immediate concerns. We are watchful guardians for our clients, looking at industry trends, emerging technology, and bat-shaped spotlights (well, okay, two of those three).

Fixing one problem now is easy. Anticipating and planning for the future is heroic, and with Pega, that’s the kind of service we aim to provide.

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